How to riide

1. Turn on the bike

2. Twist the throttle

3. And go! 

Some useful tips for riiding: 


How to lock

Lean the bike up to a secure post. Drape the lock over the downtube, thread the lock through the front wheel, and twist the key. When finished, the post, front wheel, and bike frame should all be secured in the lock. Double check to be sure it is attached and unable to be lifted over the post. 


Plug the charger into any standard wall outlet, and connect the charger to the bike like pictured above. Once connected, twist the plastic wings to secure.

The light on the charger will change from GREEN (not yet plugged into the bike) to RED (charging) to GREEN (when fully charged). 

It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge, and we get about 25 miles range.